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Local Government Denmark

Local Government Denmark (LGDK) is the interest group and member authority of Danish municipalities. It is voluntary to be a member of LGDK, but nevertheless all 98 municipalities are members. The mission of LGDK is to safeguard common interests of the municipalities, assist the individual municipality with consultancy services and in addition ensure that the local authorities are provided with up-to-date and relevant information.

News from Local Government Denmark

News on LGDK's international projects

  • LGDK to Support the two Local Government Associations in Cambodia

    LGDK has been assigned by UNDP Cambodia to provide technical assistance to the National League of Communes and Sangkats (NLC/S) and the new association of provinces in Cambodia. The assignment takes place in Dec 2013 and Jan 2014 and includes three weeks of consultations with local councillors and central government in Cambodia.

  • LGDK Took Part in Monitoring the Municipal Elections in Jordan in August 2013

    After a long wait – six years – the voters in Jordan were finally on 27 August 2013 allowed to take part in electing their local mayors and councils in the 100 municipalities. The election period is four years, so the election was long overdue as the last one took place in 2007, and the municipalities had for almost three years been managed by mayors and councillors appointed by central government.

  • LGDK works with Lean and Policy Development in Palestine

    LGDK supports the development of a Policy and Strategy Unit in the Ministry of Local Government in Ramallah and in particular the formulation of two crucial policies for Decentralisation and Amalgamation of Municipalities in the complex political and geographical settings on the West Bank.

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