11. marts 2016

UN adopts all KL recommendations from the joint midterm evaluation of UN support to democratic governance in Malawi

The Local Government Denmark lead evaluation provided 18 recommendations for the improvement of UN support to democratic governance, human rights and decentralisation/integrated rural development, which have now been adopted by the UN country team in Malawi.

KL was assigned to conduct a joint midterm evaluation of the UN support to democratic governance and human rights 2012-2016 (also known as UNDAF Outcome 4.1 in the UN results framework for Malawi).  The total programme budget is USD 48.5 Million and the programme is managed by UNDP in cooperation with UN Women, UNFPA, UNICEF and a number of non-resident UN agencies. 

The assignment was carried out from Oct-Dec 2015 and included the assessment of eight support projects with the following partners:

  • The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development on decentralisation and Integrated Rural Development
  • The Office of the Prime Minister on the National Peace Architecture
  • The Malawi Election Committee on election management and reforms
  • The Malawi Human Rights Committee and the Ombudsman on human rights
  • The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on the strategy for sectorwide approach to democratic governance
  • The Parliament on secretarial support to parliamentarian committees
  • The Centre for Multiparty Democracy on capacity development of political parties
  • The Democratic Consolidation Project on the Right to Development

The evaluation report can be downloaded from the UNDP Evaluation resource centre, which also presents the UN management response to the recommendations provided by KL.

For further information, contact Jens Peter Christensen, jpc@kl.dk.