03. maj 2016

Support to Organizational Strengthening of Municipal Governance in East Timor (Timor Leste)

During the period October 2015 to January 2016 Mr. Holger Pyndt from KL implemented a comprehensive assignment on organizational strengthening of municipal governance.

The government of East Timor has launched a decentralization reform that should strengthen the 12 municipalities in the country. This reform is supported by UNDP. As part of the reform a plan for the decentralization reform has been discussed and Mr. Pyndt was asked to provide the following inputs to stimulate the reform process:

  • Development of a Change Management Plan for Administrative Decentralization in TL
  • Development of a Benchmarking System with 34 indicators within six thematic areas and piloting of this system in a municipality. This benchmarking system also included a system for scoring performance within the six thematic areas and 34 indicators.
  • Development of Municipal Process Monitoring Tools to measure administrative management in municipalities. Specific monitoring tools within Financial Management, Public Procurement, HR Management, and Asset Management were developed
  • Development of a Municipal Service Delivery Monitoring Tool on waste handling and piloting of this in a municipality
  • Development of a Training Manual including all of the above elements

Both the administrative process and service delivery monitoring tools included systems to measure and score performance. In this way, it is clearer for both municipalities and the staff (decentralization officers) monitoring performance what to look for.

The work was carried out in cooperation with the management staff of the Sub-National Governance and Development Programme managed by UNDP and three Decentralization Officers who were facilitated to undertake their future work as mobile consultants for municipalities in TL.

The officers took part in fieldwork and were trained in all of the tools developed.

This was the third mission of Mr. Pyndt to East Timor. In 2010 he assisted with drafting a Law on Territorial Division which was later implemented and resulted in a system with 13 municipalities.