23. april 2015

Review of Joint Service Councils in Palestine and Gaza (WBG)

For the World Bank, LGDK during Sept. 2014 – February 2015 implemented a fundamental review of JSCs in WBG. The work was carried out in close consultation with MoLG

The review consisted in the following parts:

  • An analysis of the legal basis for Joint Service Councils (JSCs) in WBG
  • Consultation with core stakeholders about joint service provision
  • Formulation of a Good Governance Framework for JSCs in WBG
  • Establishment of a database for all JSCs in WBG
  • Performance ranking of the active JSCs in WBG
  • Field study of the best performing JSCs
  • Inputs to a review of the Basic Regulations of JSCs of 2006 and inputs to development of a Standard Bylaw for JSCs in WBG
  • Recommendations to the Ministry of Local Government for the further development of JSCs in WBG: a) Policy recommendations, b) Technical recommendations; c) Recommendations on support to JSCs

 The work was implemented by a Lead Consultant of LGDK supported by two local consultants. The Good Governance Framework was developed on the basis of international practises and conventions. A total of 92 JSCs were identified within the following thematic areas: a) Solid Waste; b) Drinking Water; c) Waste Water; d) Planning and Development in general; e) Planning and Development for Amalgamation. Each of the JSCs was in the database characterized by different pieces of information.

To rank the active JSCs, a performance assessment system was developed with indicators within a) Rule of law; b) Transparency; c) Effective service delivery, d) Accountability; e) Responsiveness; f) Participation. A database with ranking of 42 active JSCs was also elaborated.

The work has mapped out a way for further development of JSCs in WBG with may substantiate the former fruitless process of amalgamation. More information can be obtained from Mr. Holger Pyndt at hep@kl.dk