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KL as an Employers' Association

KL is the employers' association of the municipalities and negotiates on behalf of the municipalities with the unions.

The 98 Danish municipalities have assigned KL the right to negotiate binding agreements on salaries as well as terms and conditions of employment for employees in the municipalities.

Often the municipality is the largest single employer in a local community. As employers, the municipalities have more than 100 different groups of staff – from sports centre managers to home-care helpers. Overall, the 98 municipalities have about 518,000 employees corresponding to approximately 431,000 FTEs (full-time equivalent jobs). This makes KL one of the largest employers' associations in Denmark.

KL cooperates closely with the municipalities so that their wishes and needs regarding wage and employment terms can be taken into account during negotiations. In addition, KL provides the municipalities with services such as information, guidance, courses, and consultancy regarding salary and personnel issues.

Overall, KL aims for simplification of collective agreements as well as other types of agreements. In order to turn wage formation into an active tool, that can be used to make some workplaces more attractive, KL seeks to further decentralise wage-formation processes.

In order to improve the quailty and attractiveness of municipal workplaces, KL is, moreover, involved in other personnel policy aspects. Specifically, the consulting business of KL focuses on managerial topics such af strategic management, personnel management and value-oriented management.

Being able to recruit sufficiently qualified manpower in the years to come will be one of the most important challenges for the Danish municipalities. Thus, an active personnel policy is crucial.


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