International Consultancy

This section provides information on KL International Consultancy Services: List of references, description of our products and organisation, staff profiles etc.

Since 1989, the Central and Eastern European countries in particular have shown a great interest in the Danish model of local government, building on comprehensive decentralisation, local democracy and the handling of essential welfare tasks, etc. In these countries, exists a great demand for counselling and guidance on how to develop the public sector, including the local government sector.

Consequently, KL has supported the development of local government in these countries by way of a large number of projects. From the mid-1990s, KL has also been engaged in projects in Asian, African and Latin American countries. KL offers its services on a consultancy basis, often in collaboration with other public or private organisations, local authorities, local government associations and local government managers' associations. These consultancy services are most often financed by the Danish Government/Danida, the EU, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other international development banks or donors.

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