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Danish School System

In Denmark, education at primary level is the responsibility of the municipality. This school system is called Folkeskolen. The Danish Constitution stipulates that everyone of compulsory school age is entitled to free education in the Folkeskole.

The compulsory school age is prescribed in the Folkeskole Act and includes 10 years of school from 0 to 9th grade. In addition, there is a voluntary 10th grade.

In Denmark, education is compulsory – but attending a school is not. This means that children are not obliged to receive education in the Folkeskole. Instead, they can attend an independent school or a private school or receive lessons at home. However, a requirement is that this education should correspond with the education provided in the Folkeskole.

The purpose of the Folkeskole is, in collaboration with the parents, to further pupils' acquisition of knowledge and skills to prepare them for further education and motivate them to want to learn more, to familiarize them with the Danish culture and history, to make them understand other countries and cultures, to contribute to their understanding of man's interaction with nature, and to promote the development of the individual child. 

The Folkeskole is completed with a mandatory examination which shows whether the pupil has reached the required goals. 

The Danish Folkeskole is governed by many levels with different authority. The table below describes the government of the Danish Folkeskole:



The Danish Parliament

Adopts legislation regarding the Folkeskole

The Danish Ministry of Education

Lays down legislation in executive orders etc., including the overall educational goals

Local Council

Adopts the financial framework, sets local goals, supervises the schools, and follows up on results

School Committee

Adopts principles for the activities of the school and approves the school budget

School Management

Responsible for the operation of each school, makes concrete decisions for the school and regarding the individual pupil


Education is characterised by freedom in the choice of method

LGDK is the interest organisation of the municipalities endeavouring to ensure the best possible conditions for the running and development of the Danish Folkeskole.

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