19.02.13 14:00

KL works with Lean and Policy Development in Palestine

KL supports the development of a Policy and Strategy Unit in the Ministry of Local Government in Ramallah and in particular the formulation of two crucial policies for Decentralisation and Amalgamation of Municipalities in the complex political and geographical settings on the West Bank.

The project started in 2010 from “scratch”, and the unit is now well integrated into the ministry’s organisational structure and has six full time professionals with a central role for strategy and policy development in the Palestinian authority. As part of the project, Local Government Denmark has build capacities for policy development processes, application of different analytical tools, e.g. logical framework analysis and instruments for monitoring and evaluation of policies.

LGDK carries out the project for the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, which also requested LGDK to support streamlining of certain working procedures in MDLF. This is done by an incremental Lean capacity building process, where the middle management level is trained and carries out exercises in its daily work. The Lean capacity building covers MDLF staff in Ramallah and Gaza City.

It is expected that the newly elected local councils and their association (APLA) will be involved in the project in 2013 by organisation of regional events for their involvements in the formulation of municipal policies.