21.02.11 12:52

LGDK to facilitate twinning between Jordanian and Danish Municipalities

As part of the Danish support to decentralisation and good governance in Jordan under the overall Partnership for Dialogue and Reform, LGDK has been contracted to facilitate twinning between two Jordanian and Danish municipalities.

The selected municipalities in Jordan are Greater Karak Municipality (GKM) and Greater Irbid Municipality (GIM) – the two major cities in the south and north of Jordan. The selected municipalities in Denmark are Hoeje-Taastrup Municipality and Viborg Municipality.


Viborg is to twin with GIM and Hoeje-Taastrup Municipality with GKM. The support to twinning is in the initial stages to last until the end of 2012.


The two partners will through an inception stage identify areas of cooperation. This stage includes respective visits to the partners so both sides can familiarize themselves with the respective socio-economic and cultural environments and learn about achievements and challenges of the partners.


Cooperation areas may address aspects of service delivery, strategic and physical planning, interaction between the inhabitants and the municipality, business development, administrative management, women’s participation in local governance and other areas of interest.


LGDK will assist throughout the process with management of the inception stage, advise and support, assistance to implementation of seminars and conferences, reporting and management of the overall budget.  It is also an ambition through the twinning to gain access to practical experiences of municipal management and service delivery so these can inform and enrich LGDK’s overall work with support to decentralisation in Jordan that started in 2005-06


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