KL as a Member Organisation

KL - Local Government Denmark supports municipalities with consultancy services and information, supporting all members in delivering local service and developing local communities.

The various support and service functions takes many forms and covers a long list of areas. More specifically and as examples, KL assistes municipalies in the following ways:

  • Collecting and sharing knowledge and best practices
  • Supporting implementation of new acts
  • Clarifying legal issues – including issues related to EU legislation
  • Arranging conferences and inspiring events for municipal politicians, executives and employees
  • Assisting the regional networks, e.g. the five Local Government Regional Councils (one in each of the Danish regions) improving political cooperation between the municipalities
  • Representing the interests of the Danish municipalities in the the EU institutions
  • Developing and offering a wide range of practical tools and guidelines for municipal politicians and officials
  • Issuing news and publications on political issues
  • Offering a physical forums and digital platforms for dialogue