Local Government Denmark

Local Government Denmark (LGDK) is the associtation and interest organisation of the 98 Danish municipalities. All of the 98 municipalities have voluntarily decided to be a part of LGDK. The mission of LGDK is to safeguard common interests of the municipalities, assist individual municipalities with consultancy services, and ensure that the local authorities are provided with up-to-date and relevant information. 

LGDK as a Member Organisation

LGDK supports municipalities with consultancy services and information, supporting all members in delivering local service and developing local communities.


LGDK as an Employers' Association

LGDK is the employers' association of the municipalities and negotiates on behalf of the municipalities with the unions.


LGDK's Protection of Interests

LGDK advances the interests of the municipalities in relation to the Danish parliament, the government, the central administration, the EU, professional and industrial bodies and the public.


LGDK's Political Organization

The distribution of political seats in the committees of LGDK – Executive Committee, Chairmanship, Committee of Representatives and Local Government Regional Councils – is based on the distribution of mandates in local councils.


LGDK's History

Danish municipalities have a longstanding tradition of uniting in communities of interest. Since 1970 LGDK has been the main member and interest organisation for the Danish municipalities.