Strategies and Evaluation

Countries embarking upon or in the midst of fundamental decentralisation reforms can have a great interest in measuring their progress of reform over time to identify potential loopholes and successes and to see, if the reform proceeds according to the time and action plan. The understanding of the status and challenges ahead may serve as a common platform for dialogue between the central government, local governments, donors and other key actors in the decentralisation process.
Countries may also have an interest in being compared with other countries. This will give the individual country a possibility to compare the design and strategy of own decentralisation reform with other countries and to exchange experience with the reform successes and problems in these countries.
Such international comparative benchmarking, however, presupposes that identical benchmarking systems are used for all countries. If one country alone is studied over time, a special model can be designed to address the specifics of that country, but that will limit the possibilities of international comparison.