Local Government Structures

LGDK has experience within a wide range of areas related to development of local government structures, and LGDK's consultancy services can include all or a selection.

In order to comply with the local government tasks and the demands of the citizens in a satisfactory way, the size of the local government units has to be appropriate.
If the local government units are too small, their budgets and number of specialised staff will be limited, and many tasks will typically be solved in an unsatisfactory way or not at all. Some tasks will have a very small scale and the local government cannot carry out these tasks efficiently. Furthermore, some tasks need a certain capacity and special knowledge to be solved which typically is lacking in small local governments. Hence, too small local government units will also hamper a further decentralisation of tasks from the central to the local government level.
If, on the other hand, the local government units are too large, some tasks will not be solved efficiently, if optimal solutions to the tasks require a close contact with the citizens and a thorough understanding of the local conditions. Furthermore, large units risk limiting the proximity to the citizens and the participation of the citizens in the democratic dialogue on the development of the society with the government.